Welcome to Electrify

Driven by our values, we are an integrated agency, delivering a full range of marketing & communications services. 
Everything we do is about supercharging your stories, and we always work on inspiring projects with people we love. 
On our website you'll find the latest news, pictures and films reflecting our work. 


To electrify your audience by telling amazing stories.

That means working with you, understanding your project, and then creating and executing plans that will thrill. The best bit? We do it together!

Electrify Marketing & Communications


We’re here to be a part of your team - problem solvers & opportunity takers. Think of us as your own on-call marketing & communications team providing the services your organisation needs, and when you need them. When we talk, you’ll see how simple Electrify makes it.

We primarily work across three key sectors, because they absolutely inspire us! They are:

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Think of us an extension of your team. Electrify delivers a full service marketing & communications solution, working with our partner network to deliver on your objectives. Scroll through our key services and prepare to be supercharged!

Ideal for smaller organisations, think of us as your marketing & communications department, planning, executing & reporting on imaginative campaigns.

Media & PR Relations

Acting as your media officer we can create a pro-active approach to media relations, working with key partners to deliver your message.

Internal Communications

Talking and listening to your staff has never been more important. We can help deliver a fully-planned and engaging campaign.

External Communications

We can help you identify your key stakeholders, and build up a robust strategy to meaningfully engage with them.

Event Management

We’ve experience of managing events from six people to nearly 60,000. We know what makes an amazing event come to life.

Content & Social Media

Marketing is driven by engaging content which drives action. We can create superb campaigns, creating personality with purpose.

Digital Development

Ideal for smaller organisations we can build you a new website or specific digital campaign. Our focus is always on the end user.

We know the market in Scotland across sport & community sectors. If you’re building a sponsorship strategy, talk to us about your objectives.

Agency Management

As ‘project managers’ in your team we can help manage agency relationships – using our experience to deliver on time & budget.


We provide support, both writing and training, to write a full range of documents such as award submissions, executive reports, and media releases.


Our values mean everything to us. They reflect how we think and how we treat people. They define Electrify. Values are things you do when nobody is looking, when nobody can see. We always look to work with clients who share these values.

Electrify Values & Culture

We will always be:

  • Energetic

  • Committed

  • Honest

Our culture is the way we work. It reflects our mission and values.

We focus on you. That means we succeed with people, not just the organisations they work for. We invest personally in the relationships we build. We’re in it together.

We make our mark by delivering in everything we do. It’s not about faffing around. You will have confidence that if we come up with a strategy and plan, we can deliver it.

We love what we do. We build relationships because we are so passionate about what we do. It’s what makes us tick. Waking up in the morning, excited for another day!