Beastly but brilliant fun for Electrify

Sometimes in this industry you simply need to get down and dirty to deliver for your client. 

And so that's exactly what we did for Prime Four Beast Races 2017.

Like last year, we managed the media & PR elements of the event, creating over 20 pieces of varied and imaginative content including "Pay the Piper" and "Tie the Knot" (see both, above). 

For the 2017 edition of the races, Electrify provided direct support across social and content media channels. 

Facebook was an established channel, but we helped to introduce some specific campaign themes, and launched "live" coverage from both events at Loch Ness and Banchory. 

In the final four weeks covering both events the Facebook (all organic) stats were remarkable: 

  • +918 page likes (+111%)
  • 258,681 engagements (+980%)
  • 171,324 video views (+919%)
  • 251,207 reach (+39%)
  • 117,000 people reached via Loch Ness LIVE videos
  • 29,000 people reached via an "immediate wrap" video from Banchory (broadband was limited on this site, which reduced live content volume) 

Twitter, a less established channel for this event, also saw a significant improvement in levels of engagement and awareness including:

  • 16% increase in followers
  • Increase from 400 page impressions to over 40,000 a month before and after Electrify was engaged 

Electrify is an integrated marketing & communications agency driven by its values – commitment, energy and honesty.

Current clients include SAMH, DPS Group, McEwan Fraser Legal, McCrea Financial Services, Prime Four, SPFL Trust, MG ALBA and Supporters Direct Scotland.

To find out more about how we supercharge stories, email via please@electrify.me.uk or call us on 0131 564 0807

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